About Us

Ron Caminiti, Owner and Manager

Ron Caminiti, owner and manager of Chitown Fish and Seafood, has been involved in the Seafood Industry for over 40 years. He began his career as the very first employee for Supreme Lobster back in 1974. Working as their lead driver, Ron learned about seafood, quality and customer service. This knowledge allowed him to advance to a salesmen position at one of the largest seafood companies in the world, Slade Gorton. Through hard work and dedication, Ron moved to a General Manager position at Isaacson and Stein Fish Co. in Chicago.

Our workforce consists of 10 professional individuals, most having worked with Ron in the past and have now followed him to Chitown Fish and Seafood. This wonderful team of knowledgeable employees has over 100 years of combined seafood experience.

Chitown Fish and Seafood has an extensive customer base which runs from high-end, white tablecloth restaurants such as steak houses, Italian restaurants and Japanese sushi to local hot dog stands. Mom and pop retail stores, retail food chains, wholesale food distributors and independent jobbers all benefit from the quality and service provided by the best seafood company in Chicago, Chitown Fish and Seafood!